Flash Mobs can be overwhelming; there are entire businesses built around choreographers who are in charge of flash mobs. However, as a dance studio owner, you have all the tools you need to pull off a Flash Mob without paying for a big-time choreographer or director. Here is a basic guide to teach you how to create, how to execute, and how to Flash Mob.

Step 1: Choreograph For Success

Choose a choreographer on your team who uses space well and is used to working with larger groups. Flash Mobs are effective because a large number of humans perform a dance at once together. Keep the choreography simple and use movements that are not overly complex. If you want formation changes, try having the dancers switch with the person next to them. For other formations, changes make sure it is very simple and very clear! It is a good idea to test your flash mob choreography on a small group first to ensure all the steps and spacing are simple and clear. Once your choreography is ready, invite all the dancers you would like in your event to learn the material in various sessions. You can have separate sessions for various dance levels and adults.

Step 2: Be Inclusive

Flash Mobs work because such a large number of people are doing the movements. Reach out to students’ parents, friends, and extended family. The more people the better! Advertise to Flash Mob participants the fun they will have and make it an “outing” for those who may want to be involved. Try sponsoring a cause so that you are not only marketing your business but also raising awareness for an important topic. As you teach the movement make sure all of your participating dancers know the date, time, and location of the Flash Mob.  Pick a date when the spot you will be having your Flash Mob is generally busy.

Step 3: Check With Your Local Government

Be sure to run by the time, location, and duration of your Flash Mob with a local government official (police, city planner, mayor’s office, etc.). Depending on your town you may need a permit. Getting behind a cause will make this step easier.

Step 4: Advertise & Reach Out

Flash Mobs are originally about unexpected surprises. However, to market effectively you want to ensure you have an audience. Find small ways to market your Flash Mob.  For example, try posting on Facebook or putting up posters with words such as “Come Support Breast Cancer Awareness With a Great Surprise on (INSERT DATE) at (INSERT LOCATION)! You’ll be sure to have fun with the dancers of (INSERT STUDIO NAME)!” Reach out to local news outlets (newspapers and television) to attract added publicity. Tell them you are having a Flash Mob but that it is a surprise (so they don’t give your event away). Getting behind a cause will make attracting news outlets easier.

Step 5: Go time!

The final step is to execute the Flash Mob! Be sure to hand out marketing material for your studio at the flash mob and consider performing the routine multiple times. Bring or rent a loud sound system suitable for your performance space so that the audience can hear and enjoy the music!