Our Team

Meet Our Members!

Lori Shecter, CEO/Art Director

Lori’s passion for web design started over 10 years ago. She is a jack of all trades from graphic design, to marketing strategy, to copywriter. She is dedicated to providing her customers with exactly what they want and uses her knowledge of graphic design and marketing to provide insight to the dance studio community.

Lori has extensive dance marketing background and has lectured at THE PULSE in NYC, UDMA, and Rhee Gold’s Dance Life Teacher Conference.

Lori’s dedication to providing the highest level of excellence in all her projects is evident from her many successes. In the early ’90s, Lori rose to Vice President of Sales for Lifetime Television, a US cable network. There she grew sales from $1 million to over $100 million during her 10-year tenure. Lori’s commitment to the dance community began because of her many dancer friends and her understanding that everyone needs a great website and great marketing to grow their studio business.

Maria Gutin, User Experience

Maria has over 8 years in the digital industry, helping We Are Immediate to design many of our launches.  Most recently at Weightwatchers.com, her vast experience spans the whole spectrum of the product life cycle, from concept to launch and post-launch measurement, analytics, and optimization. She excels in creating user-centered design principles by producing high-quality visuals — from concept to execution—across many platforms. We believe she provides us with her amazing capacities as a UX expert because of her engagements in marketing, design, and development roles. Her in-depth understanding provides her with a holistic perspective on the usage and functions of all projects.

Marilina Jimenez, Creative Director

Marilina has been designing websites, social media content, and general graphic design for over 12 years. During all of these years, she worked with several clients and businesses, giving her enough experience to be part of our team in We are Immediate. She focuses on UI and branding design as well.

Mikhail Perepecha, Project Manager

He is the glue that keeps us together. He explains technology to anyone who is technology averse. He keeps us calm, he keeps us on track. He keeps us caffeinated so that we can carry on. And when that fails, he supplies the cocktails. No. Really? Misha is a first-class technical project manager who coordinates We Are Immediate’s team of designers, engineers, QA experts, and development operations. His tech stack includes WordPress, PHP, React.js, React Native, and Redux.