Why We Are Different

How We Are Different

Many web development companies, including those that specialize in Dance Studio Web Designs, say that they offer affordable, customized solutions. But, after a careful analysis of our competition, we are easily able to show you several glaring differences between Dance Studio Web Designs and our competition.

1: Extra Value

Other dance studio web designers may offer slightly lower prices. However, they are offering far less in terms of number of sections, pages, flexibility, and video and photo uploads. Our websites are completely customizable for your needs and are built to reflect the content that you need.

2: Design Team

Our design team spends several hours with you discovering exactly what types of branding represent your studio. Whether it’s your colors, your logo, the artwork in your studio, or the type of dance that you would like to focus on, we are there to interpret exactly the look and feel that you want.

3: Complete Control

You manage your website and can add as many pages, videos, or images as you want. Having a special event? No problem. Promote it on your homepage.

4: Choice

We have many designs to choose from and, if you don’t like our templates, we can customize one just for you! No fuss, no worry. You will get a website you love, guaranteed!

5: Support

We will never just take your money, disappear for two weeks and produce a website that you don’t like. We offer several rounds of design, making sure that you get the perfect website for your studio. After the website is live, we provide training and a complete user guide so you can manage your website without our help!

6: Our Guarantee

Dance Studio Web Designs guarantees our work for three months free of charge. That means that if your site breaks (they rarely have) we will fix it for you. If you have any questions, our customer service reps are here to help you.

Those are just a few of the reasons you will love your dance studio website. Make sure you take a look at our Testimonials.


Our Process

1. Interviews

These are the first meetings with the client. We aim to understand you, your organization, and your goals. The client’s requirements are defined during this stage.


2. Content Evaluation and Sitemaps

This step will define how the website will be structured and how the content will be organized and divided. The sitemaps are useful to illustrate this conversation in a more visual way.


3. Design Mockups

The first designs start to come to life, as a result of the brainstorming from the first 2 steps. You will review and evaluate our mockups.  After any changes are made, your non-profit web design is pixel-perfect (both mobile versions and desktop.)


4. Development

Our team of experts developers take the stage and start building the designs chosen by the client.


5. QA Testing

Our Quality Assurance team test every feature and section built by the developers to make sure everything works perfectly and the clients gets an impeccable product.


6. Content Migration

Along with your staff, our content migration team will begin to migrate and upload all the content you’ll need on the new website.


7. Final Client Approval

Your non-profit team will evaluate the entire website with all the content already uploaded and will approve or ask for changes.


8. Training

Our content team spends hours training you and your staff on using every page, section, and feature on your new website.  This includes live training and a video guidebook.


9. Launch

The most exciting time is when your new non-profit website is launched and presented to the world. Your website visitors will love your new experience.  Watch donations increase!


10. After-Launch Service

Hosting and Security: Every website must be updated with new technology as WordPress releases the new code.  We update the website monthly, which means you always have updated code. Additionally, with our private server, you can be sure that your website is safe and secure.