Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my website?

It depends on the complexity of your website and the details of your requirement. The shortest is 2-3 weeks, the average is 4-6 weeks. However, if a website is more complex, it can be as long as 8-12 weeks.

How do I know what type of content I should have in my website?

The experts at Dance Studio Web Designs will help you decide the best content for your website, on the many different pages you might have. We have developed hundreds of websites for dance studios, so we are very experienced in the process.

How do I know I will like my website design?

Dance Studio Web Designs has a very rigorous process to help you understand what type of graphic design will represent your studio. Designing a website is not unlike decorating a room. We start with a kick-off meeting discussing where we see what you like and where you see what we like before coming up with initial verbal concepts. We then provide you with a home page mockup to make sure we are on the same track. Our process is iterative, so we make sure that you love your website!

What if I want to change the content on my site after a few months? Do I have to pay you to change it for me?

All of our websites are built so you can change content, add and delete pages, pictures, blog posts (if you have a blog), videos and more. We also provide a detailed training and how-to guide (just in case you forget). We are also available to help you if that’s what you’d prefer.

Is hosting included?

You can host with Dance Studio Web Designs which includes a monthly backup of all of your files and content on your website, but you don’t have to. We can usually find hosting for Dance Studios.

What if I don't have a web address?

We can help you purchase one from either register.com or godaddy.com.

What is the average cost of a website?

We have all different ranges of costs to fit every budget. Our minimum website is $895, but remember we do not charge the high monthly costs that most website companies do. You also OWN your site! If you want to have another developer work on it after we give it to you, you can. (But we think you will like us so much you won’t want to!)

What do the costs incude?

Costs include Web graphic design, technology development, 3 months of site guarantee, a first upload of your content, images, and some video, Facebook Fan page and Twitter Page design, and Google Analytics at the higher package. Many companies are charging extra for Google Analytics integration.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics helps you to see the traffic that comes to your site. This is especially helpful if you have newsletters or paid advertising campaigns to drive registration and signup to your site.