Is the way you are operating your studio cutting down your enrollment and profit and eating into your valuable time? Some of you may already use school management systems. But our recent survey (thank you for entering) showed us that of about 3500 responses, under 60% used a school management system. Of the people that didn’t use School Management Systems/Dance Studio Software, more than 65% were unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with the way they operated their business.

In this computer age, these statistics are surprising. But here’s what else we discovered:

  1. Many people found dance studio software too hard to use. In fact, the time spent trying to learn them was overwhelming.
  2. Studio directors did not realize you can have a school management system and still have only in-studio registration.
  3. Studios could not figure out how to set up discounts.
  4. Studios were afraid that somehow, people could steal revenue.
  5. Many studios felt they were not computer literate enough and still relied on excel spreadsheets.
  6. People thought you had to have a credit card processor if you wanted to have a studio management system.
  7. Studios felt that they wanted more control over who registered online and what classes parents enrolled their children for.