Are you wondering how you will figure out what kind of content should go on your dance studio website? Ah, that is the question. Ok, so there are some really easy ways to figure out what you want to feature on your website. After many years designing dance studio websites, we have identified the best practices to help studios make their sites easy to navigate and appeal to adults and children who are searching for a dance school.

The first part of the process is making a Site Map like the one featured below.

The site map is a simple grid that outlines the home page and all the other pages or TABS that you will have on your website. The top sections that dance studios and dance schools usually have on their websites is an “About” section, (featuring information and history about the school, school policies, pricing, attire and costume policies, etc.). Next, you may want to feature a list and description of your “Classes”. Other details include your “Schedule“, which may integrate with your school management system or online registration system.

If you don’t have a school management or online registration system, you might simply want to link to a PDF. Other main content headings should include a Contact” (telephone number, email, and address, as well as other top-priority business elements of your school such as Parties or Teams. Lastly, you may want to feature a blog where you can notify your students and families of important notifications and events.

Integrating social features such as Facebook and Twitter is becoming a necessity in the world of today’s social media– but it doesn’t make sense to integrate these features if you are not going to have someone dedicated to writing posts or tweets. An empty Facebook or Twitter page looks worse than no social media at all.

Dance Studio Web Designs makes sure that you have the exact content on your site in the most optimal place that you need it. Our web design process ensures that. In the end, it’s all about what is going to attract the most sign-ups to your school. The beauty of all the dance studio websites that we design and develop is that you can change content and sections yourself, so you never get stuck with content that you can’t change!

Have questions? Need help planning your website content? Let us know and we will be happy to help.