Take a look at all your friends, family, employees, and coworkers. How many of them have smartphones? I would guess that your answer is all of them. With the high rise in technology, dance studio directors have to adapt as well to keep bringing in new students. Taken from an article written by the Yahoo Advertising team, say the three keys to mobile marketing and the steps to successfully marketing your studio and business are to localize, personalize, and measure.

  1. Localize. A key practice when placing ads on a mobile market is to make sure that you include your address and phone number. Many potential customers may see the ad for your dance studio while running errands or picking up their child for school. With easy access to your address and phone number, they’re more likely to take a detour to your studio on their way home from running.
  2. Personalize. Think of every ad you’ve ever seen while using an internet application on your phone. I bet that you can only really remember the ones that caught your attention, whether it was because of the striking quality of the ad or how the ad seemed to speak to you on a personal level. This is how your dance studio ads should be, visually stunning, eye-catching, and personal.
  3. Measure. Finally, make sure to monitor the traffic your ads receive and how conversion to consumers compares to the traffic received. “And you won’t love your campaign unless you develop a formula for measuring mobile-to-offline results.”

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