If you are like 99% of the dance studio owners out there, one huge issue that you have is getting parents to read your newsletter. This happens for many reasons and this article is to help you get better open rates and understand who actually sees the newsletter!

The Issue: Constant Contact and MailChimp 

These once tried and true methods of Constant Contact and MailChimp no longer work because their servers are overused. Because of that many mail provides such as Gmail deliver your carefully crafted emails to spam or the promotion tab. Of course you can easily see who opens your emails and what they click on from the dashboard of these two services. You can easily resend to those people who do not open their emails.

The Solutions:

This comes to us from a dance studio owner:

1: Get all announcements together on Canva and run them on a computer or tv monitor as moms enter your studio.

2: Use a different e-mail service other than Constant Contact or Mailchimp

As mentioned, mail chimp often gets caught in spam. So we recommend using a Gmail account integrated with Yesware. Yesware integrates with a Gmail account and allows you to send bulk e-mails. The benefit of using a service like Yesware is that the mail is actually coming from your email meaning that many more will actually hit the inbox of your moms/dads. You can also see ‘open’ and click rates.

3: Your Website

Make sure that you have important announcements on your website. Your website should be able to easy to manage and add important content, like the websites at Dance Studios Web Designs. Here is an example of one of our websites with updated news information. Click Here for the full site.

4: Your Social Media

Make sure you post it on all your social media accounts and then pay for a boost. On Facebook, you can target the audience that is following your page and then increase the chances that your post reaches parents. It costs between $5 and $10 so worth the fee.

5: Print

Have a contest. Any dancer who brings back a signed newsletter gets a treat! (Buy a cute bag of pencils, pens, candy, etc.) and hand them out to kids whose parents have signed the newsletter.

Hope these tips help increase reading at your studio!!

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