Facts To Convince You That It’s Time For A Mobile Site

Key Facts

  • Research has shown that 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action. Half of these actions turn into purchases, or in your case, potential new enrollments!
  • 70% of mobile searches lead to action within an hour. It takes the same percentage of desktop users a month to catch up to this!
  • Mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times more than print coupons.
  • 81% of smartphone users have done product research on their smartphone and 50% have made their purchase with one.
  • By 2014, mobile phones will overtake desktop computers as the most common way to access the internet.
  • 60% of users expect the mobile webpage to load within 3 seconds or they leave the site. This is exactly why your studio needs a fast mobile web page!

These are just a few of the many statistics that prove why mobile websites are important. See below to view a Slideshare produced by HubSpot containing these facts and many more!

Difference between a mobile website and an optimized website:

The difference between a mobile website means that your website looks like an APP, not just a website that is readable on the phone. Take Dance Studio Web Designs for example. The first example is mobile optimized. You can see it, but it’s very tiny. The second version makes tabs and buttons easy to click on any mobile device:

Get a mobile site and increase your business:

Ready to convert your website into a great user-friendly, mobile site? If you’re on your mobile phone you are already viewing our mobile site. Contact us!

What You Really Should Know