Your web page is one of the most important means of getting new students. A New Website Can Help You Grow Enrollment. It is really important to keep it updated and relevant. Ask yourself these questions. If the answer is negative, it might be time for a new website.

  1. Is the content relevant and updated?
  2. Do you rank on page 1 in google search?
  3. Do you get compliments?
  4. Do you know what pages people go to and do you know how many go to your web page?
  5. What about appearances? Do you like how it looks?
  6. Is it easy to use?
  7. Does it have imagery and video that make your studio shine?
  8. Does it have a form?
  9. Does it have a chat box?
  10. Is it the best it can be?

Our studio owners tell us:

  • “We love our new website! We’ve gotten so many compliments and over 20 new enrollments in September!”  JPADance
  • “Over 1500 students come to our website each month” RhythmDanceCo
  • “We could not imagine how a new website helped our enrollment. Thanks to Lori and the team!” Stage Door Academy
  • “We moved up to page one on search results!  Thank you!! UrbanDanceProjects

A well-designed site is more than just looks. It should draw attention to the most important information, encourage conversion and engagement, and provide a great user experience. After all, your website is an extension of your business, so wouldn’t you want it to create a great impression? More importantly, your website should be driving lots of students to your studio and you should be collecting email addresses, telephone numbers, and names that you can be converted to new students.

Here are some reasons why you should redesign:

  1. Responsive Web Design: Nowadays, users are arriving to your website from a host of different devices. Does your site play nicely with mobile browsers? Does viewing your website elsewhere change the flow?
  2. Best Practices: In terms of features, how does your website fare? Have you integrated it with your social media profiles? Is your content concise? How easy for users to find the pages they want?
  3. User Experience: Your website should engage your user and keep their attention. Is your content easily accessible? Do you have clear navigation and interactive content like a blog, forum, or special features?
  4. Design: How long have you had your website? If it has been a while and it looks its age, your website is probably due for a redesign. Make sure it is clean, not cluttered, and that it directs traffic where you want it.
  5. Lead Generation/ Conversion: This requires some analysis, but if it is not keeping your viewers engaged and generating conversions, then you aren’t getting the most you can from it.

With web pages, as with all things, the “if it works, don’t fix it” attitude is not your best option. Take some time to really assess who your target audiences are, what content is most important for them, and how you want your site to perform. After all, a good business with a great, updated website should see some ROI!