You may have already heard about Instagram, the photo-based social media platform oh-so-popular with teens and celebrities. However, you may not have realized that you can use Instagram to generate sales and increase enrollment and exposure. That is exactly what I’ll be elaborate here on “Instagram: 5 Tips for Your Dance Studio”.

We know that it is a lot to take in: by now you’ve probably read our posts about using PinterestFacebookTwitter, and other tools to round out your marketing mix… but Instagram is a channel worth taking a look at. All you need is an Android or wifi-enabled Apple product to get yourself started. Here are five ways you can make Instagram work for you.

1. Showcase Your Studio

You can use Instagram to take pictures of your studio, of your students, and of your events and achievements in order to connect both with your current students as well as prospective ones.

2. Promotions

Does your studio sell merchandise? Do you want to draw in new dancers with a limited time offer? You can use Instagram (with its 100 million users) to spread the word.

3. Have a Little Competition

Like any other form of social media, word of mouth is powerful. And pictures are worth a thousand words! You can host a contest where students (or potential students) take photos and upload them with your school’s name in a hashtag- that’s #YourSchool’sName (no spaces!)- so you can quickly gain some exposure. Make the prize something linked to your school (like branded gear, or a class on the house).

4. Provide Unique Content

Want to draw more interest? Provide some content your students and audience won’t find elsewhere. Maybe it can be a teaser picture of your newest costumes. Or maybe show a glamour shot of your students in makeup. Make it fun, but don’t give away too much.

5. Do Unto Others…

Take notice of those who post images in your contests or tag your studio, and think about acknowledging them by reposting one of their images on your Instagram account. This encourages your fans to post about you, which helps you attract more exposure.

Starting an Instagram account on your busy schedule may seem daunting, but you can be online in no time, and your dance studio will surely benefit from it. Just keep true to your studio and your target audience!