So, you already know that you should devote several hours a week to your social media strategy including Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and blogging, right? Wrong! You don’t even have time to eat lunch! Of course, it feels like you don’t have time for social media!

If you want to grow your studio, and retain students, this is an important part of your weekly routine even if it is during competition season! In fact, some of your best messaging and content is generated during competition. So how on earth do you get this done?

Here are some ideas that can help you generate social media and as well as content for your blog if you happen to have one!

Engage your student community:

The most avid fans your studio has are YOUR STUDENTS!  Being a creative lot, there most likely are one or two students who also excel in writing or other areas.   You can engage your students by:

  1. Having a “blog” entry contest. The winner gets free (private, day, week) classes.
  2. Engage one or two older students directly, and pay them (either hourly minimum wage or with classes or merchandise from your store.)
  3. Similarly, have the same type of contest for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Mom Bloggers:

Did you know that Mommy Bloggers are one of the fastest-growing groups of writers? Engage your moms (feature 1 mom per week so no one feels left out) to write a blog article, a fan page post, or help with taking pictures of the classes to post on your page, blog, or website. Again, the financial compensation can be barter. What mom wouldn’t love the chance to be the studio “photographer?”

If you feel uncomfortable enlisting your current student and family base, consider these two alternatives:

Your College Community:

With post-graduating jobs becoming more and more difficult to get, many if not all college students need internships on their resumes. For writing and marketing majors, what better way to build your resume than have actual writing or social marketing experience at a local business? Dance Studio Web Designs has successfully hired several interns that ultimately become our permanent employees. What a perfect way to train someone And get the extra help you need. We usually pay minimum wage or offer school credit. The extra 5 or 10 hours a week of a helping hand is well worth the payout in the end. Updated blog posts, and social pages, plus an engaged student.

Craig’s List:

Don’t discount Craig’s for finding good intern talent. Many students look for part-time jobs on Craig’s list and if set up correctly (for example, make sure that the job is listed in writing jobs.) Clearly spell out the requirements (for example GPA, an example of writing, etc.)

I hope these thoughts spark some ideas on how to find the time or a person who has the time and is excited about helping you with your social media work.