Even though the weekend is right around the corner, dance studio directors never get a day off! Here are some helpful tips and weekend ideas as to what you can do to help grow enrollment and retention!

  1. Post, post, post: Just because the studio is closed doesn’t mean that you can ignore your social pages. The weekends are perfectly good for general advertising of your studio, upcoming class specials, promoting excellent students or teachers, or reminders about performances and events! Just 10 minutes every day can help you increase visibility and enrollment.
  2. New day, new dollars: If your studio isn’t already open on Saturdays, consider offering classes. Students always have Saturdays off and what better way for them to be spending their time, than in the studio? To make it easy, just start with one or two classes geared toward the most successful age group in your studio. Go one step further and promote your new day on Group On.
  3. Fall clean-Up: Nothing better than a nice fresh look to keep students and parents loving your environment. Organize a group to come in and help clean the studios: Ask some of your senior students and their parents if they would be willing to come in and help clean up the studios! In return for their help, you could offer a free class, a discount on their next class package, or a discount in your store. Coming into a clean studio at the beginning of the week can really set your studio apart from the competition.
  4. Hold an open house: A great way to encourage students to enroll at your school is to hold an open house and let them take one free class! While the students are taking a class is a perfect time to speak with the parents and tell them about the studio and how they can enroll.
  5. Have an in-studio performance: Plan an in-studio showing and advertise it. This is one of the best weekend ideas you can have. You should aim for not only having the student’s parents there but their friends as well. Remember, this doesn’t have to be perfect, just a sneak preview of what’s coming up. Showing what your studio is about and the solid training you offer is a really great way to get students to enroll. Offer to waive registration fees for those parents that sign their children up after the showing. Better yet, make it brunch time to entice even more people and serve hot piping coffee and delicious and nutritious breakfast foods.