Time-Saving Marketing Tips | Get It Out, Get It Shared!

Are you having an event, I mean a really big event and you don’t know where to get started? Here’re the best ways to get your event seen… fast:

1) Your website: Your website should have an easy way to set up information quickly. If not, maybe it’s time for a new website.

2) Your website blog: Your website should have a blog.

3) Facebook ad: Takes no more than 10 minutes to set up.

4) Facebook post: Also only 10 minutes. Take the time to spend even $2/day and make sure your post gets seen by your followers– who are hopefully parents and students.

5) Send out postcards/flyers: Design one yourself, or use Dance Studios Web Designs Service. Have them printed at Vista print or your local print shop. Mail them to your parents

6) Post on your bulletin board: Now that is easy!

7) Create a free email blast: Using Mailchimp. Great templates are already designed and it’s free for under 2000 names.

8) Text your parents: Using some texting service or a group mobile chat.

9) Create a flyer for your kids: Everyone who comes back with a signed flyer from their parents gets a special treat from you.

10) Old fashioned and effective: Remember the phone? Wait. The phone? Hire one of your seniors to make outgoing phone calls. Give her a choice of dancewear from your store.

11) More effort: Make a video compilation of every one of your genres. Make sure your text announcing the program is clearly visible.

12) Use all your other social media, especially Instagram: Have an Instagram share day where your kids take photos of their classes and share them with all their followers. Create a hashtag called #Lorisdancestudioappreciaton Day and have them share. Make sure your # is on all your other social media and create a page on your website with it!