Learn here how to use video to promote your studio. The benefits are multi-fold, but two of the top reasons are:

Increasing social footprint: The best way to feature video on either your website or fan page is by uploading your video to YouTube. Creating a YouTube channel is easy and will only take a few minutes. Having a YouTube channel will increase your social footprint and Google will like you more!

Video converts: It is a well-known marketing fact that video converts to sales higher than any other form of advertising.
Nothing can define your studio more than having great videos of your dancers, teachers, or instructors. Your video doesn’t need to be created by a professional video company, but it does have to be good. Here are a few ideas on how to make compelling videos for your website and/or fan page:

Subject: There are a variety of subjects that you can choose from to highlight the benefits of your studio. You can focus on the actual premises, your students, and or your teachers. There is nothing more adorable than the little ones learning to dance. Other ideas include:

  • Tip series:¬†brief one to two-minute tips from you or your instructors for dancers. Tips can be posted on your FAN PAGE or your WEBSITE.
  • Recitals: Short clips of great recital numbers.
  • Your students: Have your students do brief comments on why they LOVE dancing with your school.
  • Companies: Great rehearsals from your companies or teams.

Camera: The better the camera, the better the quality. If you have a stand-alone video camera, use that. Usually, cell phones do not produce great videos.

Time: Don’t have the time? have a contest among your students to create a video worth posting. Give a week free of class as a reward to the winner (or an independent!).

I hope these tips help in producing some great videos for your website or Fan page. Need help? Don’t hesitate to let us know!