Flash Mobs have made news headlines in many forms; from proposals to product launches, Flash Mobs are the new craze in using dance to convey a message. Marvelously, as a dance instructor/studio owner, you can use the power of Flash Mobs to market your studio using skills you have already mastered!

Tip 1: Simplify Choreography

Flash Mobs are effective because a large number of humans perform dance at once together. Keep the choreography simple and use movements that are not overly complex. If you want formation changes, try having the dancers switch with the person next to them. For other formation, changes make sure it is very simple and very clear! It is a good idea to test your flash mob choreography on a small group first to ensure all the steps and spacing are simple and clear.

Tip 2: Market in Your Mob

Flash Mobs will surely attract attention, but if you want to use them as a marketing tool they must somehow incorporate your business. Find a way to make sure the Flash Mob really highlights what you do. A few ideas include having the dancers wear apparel with your business’s logo or information printed on it, incorporating shouting/cheering into the mob where the dancers call out your business or business slogan, or choreograph formations or businesses which somehow inform the potential audience about your business. Be sure the mob itself directly markets your business, as the mob is what will gain the most attention.

Tip 3: Bring Marketing Materials

Your Flash Mob will most likely draw an audience. Be ready to give the audience pamphlets, business cards (which you could attach to candy), and other marketing materials (like special promotion cards). The audience will respond strongly to your business directly after the Flash Mob out of sheer amazement.

Tip 4: Connect to Your City

Depending on your city and Flash Mob location, you may need to obtain a permit. It is a good idea to call your local police department, city committee, or mayor’s office to let them know you would like to do a Flash Mob. Also, reach out to your local news team (both paper and television) to get reporters on the scene. If your Flash Mob is for a cause it will be more likely to attract news attention and get city approval.

Tip 5: Mob for a Cause

In addition to the wonderful publicity, your Flash Mob will generate for your business, sponsor a cause (Mob for a Cause). It can be to raise awareness for diseases, social issues, or anything else worth making the community aware of. This will increase the likely hood of your city’s approval and attract more news outlets.