This Article was created to help Dance Studio Owners grow enrollment even though they don’t have their own marketing department! These are the same owner marketing tools that the big marketing agencies use to help brands like General Mills, Honda, and Procter and Gamble grow their business!

It All Starts With Content

Content marketing is the creation and curation of valuable content (written, audio, video, or graphic), in order to acquire and retain customers and clients. Check out this snazzy FREE TOOL called PORTENT.  It’s fun and easy and can help you make awesome, eye-catching flyers like “Why our summer dance camp is hotter than… your oven”.

SEO Gadget
Content Strategy Tool
Plan a content strategy using keyword research and audience size.
Cost: FREE

Content Idea Generator
Generate titles and tips for your content.
Cost: FREE

Content Forest
Title Tool
Enter a keyword to generate 5 titles for your content.
Cost: FREE


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Logos and Printing

Logo Garden
Logo Creation
Make a free logo in 8 minutes.
Cost: FREE

Vista Print
Business Cards
Receive 250 business cards for no cost.
Cost: FREE

Printable Brochures
Design and print professional brochures.
Cost: FREE

Survey, Polling, and Quiz Tools 

Surveys, polls, and quizzes can be a fantastic way to find out more about your industry, target market, and existing customers.

Online Surveys
Create and publish online surveys in minutes.
Cost: FREE

Online Polling
A free and easy-to-use polling tool.
Cost: FREE

SEO Tools 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important components of your overall marketing plan. These tools will help you optimize your website so that it will rank better in the search engine result pages.

SEO Audit
SEO Analysis
Analyze your website and receive data and optimization tips.
Cost: FREE

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is the process of finding popular search terms and using them to optimize your website so that it ranks higher in the search engine results pages.

Google Keyword Planner
Keyword Research
Research popular search terms and keywords found on Google.
Cost: FREE

Keyword Suggestions
Get thousands of keyword suggestions in under a minute.
Cost: FREE

Find High-Performing Keywords
Reveal high-performing keywords in minutes.
Cost: FREE

Web Analytic Tools 

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, and analysis of web data in order to understand and optimize the effectiveness of a website.

Website Analysis
Check for duplicate content, broken links, and internal page rank.
Cost: FREE

Google Analytics
Online Traffic Analysis
Analyze and optimize your website traffic.
Cost: FREE

Google Webmaster Tools
Make Your Site Google-Friendly
Get data, tools, and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site.
Cost: FREE

Social Media Tools

Every small business needs to have a social media presence in order to reach more prospects, leads, and customers. These tools simplify and enhance the social media marketing process.

Social Media Image Maker
Resize and retouch your social media images
Cost: FREE

Social Media Dashboard
Manage all your social media accounts from one location.
Cost: FREE

Social Oomph
Social Media Productivity
Schedule updates, find people to follow, and monitor your activity.
Cost: FREE

Public Relation Tools

There’s no better way to spread the word about your small business than through a public relations campaign. Here are a few tools to help you accomplish that goal.

Google Templates
Press Release Templates
Browse through dozens of press release templates.
Cost: FREE

Free Press Release
Press Release Distribution
Submit your release to Google News and other search engines.
Cost: FREE

Local Marketing Source
Local Keyword Tool
Research and generate keywords for your website.
Cost: FREE

Compare Local Competitors
Comparison between you and your top Google+ Local competitors.
Cost: FREE

Written Content Tools 

The following tools will help you become a better writer as you publish and promote your written content.

Grammar Checker
The leading online English grammar checker.
Cost: FREE

Clean Formatting
Convert Word documents to clean HTML formatting.
Cost: FREE

Improve Typing Skills
An online program designed to enhance your typing skills.
Cost: FREE

Visual Content Tools 

If you enjoy creating pictures, graphs, charts and infographics, you need to tap into these helpful tools.

Free Images
Stock Photos
The leading source of free photos.
Cost: FREE

Photo Editor
Easily edit and resize your photos online.
Cost: FREE
Create and Share Infographics
Create and share professional-looking infographics.
Cost: FREE