Well, not exactly freaky ways to drive customers, but I caught your attention, didn’t I?

Visiting your website should be like visiting your studio: it tells your potential students that your studio rocks, has good teachers, great classes, and happy students and parents. The space envelops you, giving you a subconscious experience. Your website should make people feel like your studio is a great place to be. Does your website do that? Read these 7 tips on how to get your website to get your web visitors to take a specific action: Call you, register for class online, come to your registration, or visit your studio:

1. Match the look and feel of the website to your studio. The moment a visitor lays eyes on your website before a single word is read, an impression occurs in that visitor’s mind. Each image will put the visitor in a different mood. Do you have great pictures or blurry ones? Adorable children, great dancers, amazing leaps? Think about this one.

2. Make navigation clear and simple. Among the most common expectations are a navigation bar at the top of the site, a Home button on the left side of that bar, a Contact button on the right side of the bar, and a clickable logo inside the main banner which brings you back to the home page.

3. Inspire trust. People begin to feel this vague but hugely important feeling – trust – for your studio when you show them things that impress them or put their minds at ease. One common way of earning trust is by having testimonials of parents that are a part of your studio, local awards, or Yelp rankings. (don’t shoot me!)

4. Appeal to the specific needs of your customers. People don’t come to your website seeking out general things; they want specific things. So, whatever classes you offer, make sure you mention the age group or experience level in the description.

5. A picture speaks 1000 words: Use large, clear photographs. Enough said.

6. Create one great video introducing your company. Pictures speak 1000 words, video speaks a million.

7. Share your mission. What are you selling? Dance or Dreams, Friendship, Experience, Grace, Style, commitment, knowledge, passion… well you get my point.