Well, maybe you have… or maybe you haven’t! I just thought putting them all in one place was a good idea to get those creative juices flowing! We surveyed loads of dance studios for ideas to grow your studio and found a whole bunch of enrollment ideas and here is the list below.

Start Reading Our Enrollment Ideas!

  1. Free registration if your students register before a certain date (oldie but goodie.)
  2. Bring a friend week and offer a tiered discount: 1 week free for 1 friend, 2 weeks for 2 friends, 3 weeks for 3 friends, etc.
  3. Do a girl scout event (contact your local troop) and give them a free registration coupon or a free week of classes
  4. Offer birthday parties and give the birthday girl a free week and friends a 10% discount. Offer a free gift (Dance books) for early registration
  5. Contact your local paper and see if they will write a story about your school– how great dance is to help combat the growing problem of teen obesity. What kind of hook does your school have?
  6. Send an email blast to your old students reminding them to re-enroll. Use Mailchimp for FREE emails up to 2000.
  7. Offer a new class this season that has a lot of popularity: acro, zumba (for moms.) Offer a fun combo class where every week is a new style. Create a fun combo number for winter shows or recitals.
  8. Send an email to students who dropped out with incentives to re-enroll.
  9. Tell families that refer a friend they will get a $15 off coupon good for any class or product in your school.
  10. Paper your area: schools, churches, synagogues, mommy and me classes, parks, rec centers, party or toy stores with fliers for your studio. Offer a free trial class.
  11. To have new students trickling into your school aim to do 20 things per month that will bring in 1 student and voila, 20 students per month!
  12. ABC: Always be selling! Where ever you go, make sure your friends and family know about your studio!
  13. Offer a discount special on your website and run an ad on Facebook linking back to your website.
  14. Offer discounts for paying for classes in full upfront.
  15. Allow parents to pay by credit card. Offer recurring billing to make payment easy.
  16. Make your website your BEST selling feature with amazing design.
  17. Create awesome videos of your classes and post them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  18. Run a campaign on a deal site like Group On. Make sure the deal benefits your studio, not the deal site.
  19. Make sure your website is your best selling point. Have fresh, high-resolution photos, clear messages, your updated schedule, and easy ways to register online.
  20. Have a flash mob: if you live in an urban area or if there is a fair or family event. Make sure you have plenty of flyers or you can register an interested family right there.
  21. Set up a Facebook Campaign. One of the best enrollment ideas there is.
  22. Set up a Google Ad Words Express Campaign.
  23. Find Meetups in your area that are geared toward parents. Give a free demo class at the meet-up.
  24. Go to consignment sales in your area. Bring some great dancewear. Make sure you have good postcards for your studio.
  25. Go to your library and hand out your awesome marketing materials and have demo classes.
  26. Volunteer at community centers or have performances. Always make sure you have your materials and registration forms.
  27. Put a sign on your front lawn! I know it sounds crazy, but in some neighborhoods, this works!
  28. Have a drawing to win free costumes or include costumes in the cost of your class.
  29. Increase preschool by having Angeline Ballerina classes. Or continue with your Frozen theme through the fall.
  30. And most important. Don’t forget your current students! Write individual recommendation cards for your current students to encourage them to take more classes. Tell them every class they are eligible for and have them available at your open house as well as through an email blast.