Here are 15 tips to improve your Facebook Marketing

There are a few types of reach, all of which are interrelated:

  • Organic Reach: You post content to your Facebook page. Most of your fans don’t see it, but it still generates reach.
  • Viral Reach: Facebook users take action (like, comment, share), which creates a story in their friends’ news feeds.
  • Paid Reach: Facebook offers a variety of ad options, including boosts and targeting custom audiences.

If you publish content (organic reach) that your fans react to, friends of those fans will see that content (viral reach). If you decide an update is worthy of a Facebook ad, then the ad creates paid reach.  These tips will help you to improve your Facebook marketing performance.

1: Create an effective content strategy to improve your Facebook marketing

Your fans don’t share a post just because they see it in the news feed. They share it because it’s useful and interesting to them. That means plan your week, for example, Monday: great student photo or video, Tuesday: Marketing day-why your studio rocks, Wednesday: great dance saying Thursday: Good stretching exercise Friday: Surprise post.  What ever remember this theme:  ABC-ALWAYS BE CELLING (UM, SELLING)

2: Post when your fans are online online

The best time to post is when your fans are online. If you post an update at 2am, but your fans are using Facebook at 8am, you can be sure they aren’t seeing your updates. Find out when your fans are online by going to your Facebook Insights and clicking Posts.  You can post at 2AM but make sure you are using the SCHEDULED post feature.

3:  Post Frequency is key to improve your Facebook marketing strategy

After looking at your Post Insights, you probably noticed there’s never a period when none of your fans are using Facebook. This means you should post at least once per day.

4: Let People Post Content on Your Facebook Page

When Facebook users post updates on your page or mention your page, their friends see that activity in the news feed. That’s important viral reach.You can easily configure your page to block content that contains specific keywords or profanity.

5: Host a “Caption This” Contest

One thing that’s consistently worked well is to host caption contests as a way to generate an instant flood of comments, which in turn creates a flood of viral reach! Fun and easy contests or giveaways result in higher organic and viral reach.

6: Reply to Comments

To build community, you have to listen to and respond to community. People use Facebook because they want to be heard! Responding to comments is important. Reply to your commenters so they know they’re heard.

7: Tag Commenters

If a Facebook user leaves a comment on an update, you can tag the user when you comment on that same update. Tag commenters in your reply to bring them back to the conversation.

Depending on the users’ privacy settings, they’ll receive notification that they’ve been tagged, prompting them to revisit the thread.

8: Tag and Give Props to Other Pages

Human beings are hardwired for reciprocity. Generally speaking, when you promote another business’s agenda on Facebook, they receive a notification so they know the good deed you did for them. If they’re a good partner, they’ll return the favor.

9: Repost Previous Top-Performing Updates

Your content strategy doesn’t have to only include new content; you can also recycle your most successful posts to reengage fans. Find post engagement rates in INSIGHTS.  Click “Posts” and scroll to All Posts Published.  You can sort your posts by engagement rate.

To really get a feel for which updates your fans loved, export at least six months of post-level data and study it.

To bring fans back to your most brilliant and engaging content, you can:

  • Click Share on the original post and share it directly on your page.
  • Copy and paste the original post into a new status update.
  • Modify the original post, then post as a new status update.

An important note here: Don’t recycle recent content. You don’t want fans to feel like they’re seeing reposted content too frequently.

10: Boost Previous Top-Performing Updates

There’s no way to escape it. If you’re serious about Facebook marketing, use ads. What I will say is this: Only promote awesome.

11: Feature Your Posts in a Like Box

Most people don’t know that the Facebook Like box in their website’s sidebar has a setting that lets you display your most recent page updates.  All Dance Studios Web Design offers a HOMEPAGE-LIKE BOX and FEATURE FEED.

12: Message Your Friend Networks

Have you hit a wall on your way to getting engagement? Depending on the strength of your collective friend network, try asking for shares or comments from within your personal networks.

Now, obviously, you can’t force people to do this. But you can have willing parties message their friends at a time when you know your fans are mostly likely to be online.

These network shares cause a trending effect among friends connected to your business. When people see several of their friends talking about a topic, they’re more likely to be interested in that topic and click over to read more.

13: Pin Top-Performing Pictures on Pinterest

When you post images to Pinterest, you have an option to include a URL. When a user clicks the image, they go to that URL.

Try reposting a few high-performing photos from your Facebook page onto Pinterest and linking back to your Facebook update or your website if you are running a special.

Make sure you use the correct permalink for the post! You can find that by clicking on the post’s publish date on Facebook (as shown below). You’ll be taken to a new page that shows just that post. Copy the URL for this page to use as your Pinterest link. Use eye-catching images on Pinterest that link back to your Facebook page.

You can see where ALL traffic is coming from on the visits tab of your insights.

14: Tweet Your Top-Performing Updates

Some of my clients have had success scheduling tweets with links to their high-performing Facebook updates. Two or three tweets in 48 hours is plenty. Tweet recent Facebook updates rather than older ones.  If you connect your Facebook to Twitter, it will automatically Tweet all FB posts.

15: Identify the Best Tactics to improve your Facebook marketing

Honestly, none of this matters UNLESS you are seeing people calling your studio from your Facebook efforts. Track that by:

  • Asking people how they heard about you
  • Embedding Google Analytics in your website (your webmaster can do that) so you can see how much traffic comes from Facebook.
  • Have special offers ONLY on Facebook so you can know for sure where your new students came from!

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