We know. You are always looking for top ways to end your show. There is much debate on whether or not to hand out awards at the recital’s end. Here’s a list of pros and cons:


  1. Awards such as “5 years with the studio” are nice to mark milestones with your clients. Perhaps giving some type of monetary award for clients being with you for a long time is a good incentive as well.
  2. Gives students something to strive for.
  3. Generates a bit of excited anticipation.
  4. Recognizes hard work by students and growth from year to year.


  1. Students who don’t get awards can feel left out.
  2. Can generate competition within your school
  3. Can drag out recital time… to no end!


  1. Create group awards– email the certificates which can then be printed by parents. So each class gets an award for some achievement
  2. Keep awards about “anniversaries” to encourage longevity with studio and celebrate loyalty.
  3. Give anniversary medals out to students prior to the show. Have them come up in groups on the stage.
  4. Have awards announced on your website the day after the show.
  5. Award two scholarships (and have them mean something.) Have applications with essays the way colleges ask for essays. This person volunteered to take attendance, run social media, etc.
  6. Have an awards banquet/goodbye dinner weekend before for graduating seniors. (or the entire school if small enough).

Show Finales

Idea 1: Each class participates in the one grand finale with the little ones going first (so long, farewell, etc.) Teachers do a quick 24-beat farewell ( :90 seconds)
Idea 2: Curtain calls by class- bows (little ones led by older company kids)
Idea 3: Final bows for each class, teachers bow and get flowers, helpers bow and get flowers, seniors bow and get flowers/awards
Idea 4: Entire school on stage for bows, teachers come next, flowers, assistants flowers, and Studio Director

No matter what…

  1. Thank your parents, students, and staff.
  2. Make sure to announce Summer Dance and Fall Registration!!!
  3. Keep it short and sweet
  4. Provide incentives to register now!! (for summer and fall)

Here’s to the Done Club!