Bringing Broadway To Your Studio

Whether your studio growth is going gangbusters or staying consistent, there is nothing like offering special programs to your students to encourage enrollment, loyalty, fun, excitement, and extra income.

What better way to get your enthusiastic dancers even more excited about being at your school than to give them a taste of what it’s like to be trained by real Broadway directors, casting agents, and trainers? That is exactly what a company called New York and Beyond does. New York and Beyond is run by Broadway-trained dancer and actor, Ryan Saab. Ryan’s experience extends from music videos and commercial dance work to theatre, television, and film. His most recent credit was as the national brand ambassador for Vonage which was featured in the National ad campaign on cable, online, and network television. He Associate Choreographed and toured with the Sony Records World Showcase as a dancer for Jennifer Lopez and the South American tour for Latin vocalist “Alan”.

“We offer a variety of workshops and seminars and will customize a program based on your specific needs and desires. Our NYC-based company works with Tony & Emmy award-winning Directors, Choreographers, and Casting Directors, as well as creative directors of the nation’s top dance and entertainment companies. We understand the importance of learning from the best, and are excited to introduce our one-of-a-kind programs to you and your students.” His faculty has performed and trained dancers in productions such as Chicago, Shrek, Spiderman, In the Heights, and much more.

The exciting thing about New York and Beyond, and other programs like them is that it gives your studio an opportunity to offer something unique to their students and families. Studios’ typical price their intensive at about $160/student per day, but of course that varies based on the studio and your customized program. What a great gift for parents to give their children for the holidays!

In addition, these special programs will bring you traffic, enrollment, and revenue, at a time when many parents are cutting back. There is nothing quite as unique as bringing a taste of Broadway to your dancers!