There are two resources to help you find out about dance competition ratings and see what other studios say about them. We can’t guarantee that some of these are not just posted by annoyed dance moms, but you can use it as a gauge:

1. Dance Competition Hub states its mission: To strengthen the dance community by giving everyone a voice. Please share your competition, convention, and vendor experiences. Together, we will create a more honest, dynamic, and informed dance community.

Dance Competition Hub was started by Chicago studio owners to give studios (and everyone involved) a voice. Many small studios can only pick one regional and therefore take a gamble on which they attend. DCH helps to refine that choice. DCH has been called the “Yelp” of the dance studio industry and they report that ratings have been almost 80% positive. They believe that ratings not only help studios, but the competitions as well. How the competitions respond to critiques is easily as important as the critique themselves. The two-way communication was extremely important to making the site an objective tool for anyone using it.

DCH also features other vendors, including our own SCHOOL EMPOWER studio management system as well as Dance Studios Web Design. We hope you find this tool helpful! Let us know!

2. Dance Advisor: has been created by Jake Knight, who has over 25 years of experience in dance plus 7 years as a website developer. After spending months researching competitions they decided to build The site includes over 100 competitions according to date, location, and company name. It also includes links to their websites. The review portion of is for dancers, teachers, and parents and is validated and monitored. Jake states: “We want to make it easy for people to find information about dance competition ratings and to share their experience with others.”

We hope you find these sites helpful! Share your experience with us on our Facebook page!