To survey or not to survey, that is the question! We all want feedback… the only problem is we all want positive feedback. But, having your finger on the pulse of your studio is important to prevent bad talk, mass exodus, revenue loss, and much more. In the end, your studio’s health is at stake—happy clients are good clients, and a studio owner that shows they care can go a long way in managing your client/studio relationship. Because in the end, while you may know best, your students are clients. Not family, not friends. But clients. These tips on using surveys can help you collect the information you want, not the information that creates animosity.

Getting Started

Survey Monkey is a free service for up to 100 responses and about 10 questions. They also offer the ability to give multiple choice as well as essays.

Tip #1: Keep your questions short and multiple-choice only.
Tip #2: Ask very specific questions that will help you increase enrollment or identify new areas for development:

Example #1: We are offering a new Acro class that will cost $30/month. How likely are you to enroll your child? Very Likely, Likely, Unlikely, Very Unlikely
Example #2: Our new unlimited pricing includes 7+ classes per week. The cost is $250 per month. How likely are you to enroll your child? Very Likely, Likely, Unlikely, Very Unlikely
Example #3: We are considering complete packages that include: Costume, Recital Fee, and Tights/Leotard. The cost of the class will be $45/month versus $40 per month. Please tell me if you prefer:

    1. Inclusive
    2. Package-a-la-carte

Example #4: Which classes would you like to see more time periods:

    1. Jazz: Yes, No
    2. Tap: Yes, No
    3. Lyrical: Yes, No
    4. Etc: Yes, No

Example #5: Please rate your child’s feelings about dance
Loves, Likes a lot, Neutral, Not happy, Really unhappy

Example #6: We are considering a MasterClass workshop next year. We are flying in Broadway chorographers/agents. The cost will be $175 for a 6-hour event. How likely is your child to participate in this event:
Very, Somewhat, Unsure, No

Example #7: We are considering a toddler program. If you have a toddler, how likely are you to enroll in a $10/week 45-minute class?
Very, Somewhat, Unsure, No