Greetings from your ballet school drop-out. I want to discuss some of the qualities I looked for in dance instructors when I was dancing. Yes, I was young, but as a lot of students in schools are 12 and under, I think I can speak for others in this age group.

  1. Nice Personality: I know for many this is a no-brainer, but you will never believe how many stuck-up, pretentious ones I’ve had. Remember, many parents don’t sign their kids up with the intention of going professional. They sign them up to have fun, learn a new skill, or even for their kids to have a social life.
  2. Fun Classes: Fun exercises were great. My favorite was when we were all butterflies. We would all go around in a circle and flap our legs and describe what color we were and where we would fly to.
  3. Role Model: Not only as a person but as a dancer. I remember I always loved watching my teacher dance. She was always so graceful and poised. I aspired to be like her. When the instructor is involved and moved, the students will only do the same.
  4. Enough Experience: Look into how long the teacher has been dancing and teaching. Yes, I did say classes must be fun and enjoyable, but remember at every root of dance is the technique. Without this technique why would students attend the class?
  5. Dedication: The instructor must love sharing the art of dance with others, always try to come up with new ideas, and always be on time. A dedicated teacher will do whatever it takes to make a difference.
  6. The instructor should know everyone in the class: Everyone has once felt neglected or left behind. Don’t let this happen in your dance studio! The instructor must make an effort to make proper eye contact with, communicate with, pay attention to, and correct each student.

Perhaps if my teachers had more of the qualities listed above, I would have been more inclined to continue dancing. Remember these suggestions as seen through the eyes of your young recreational students.