New Revenue Generating Ideas

#1 Holiday Parties:

Great chance for parents to drop the kids off and have a day or night to themselves: Charges will depend on what you can get, but make sure you are making a PROFIT. Theme idea: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s – Try a picture day with Santa wearing a holiday costume or clothing. Good for the whole family.

#2 Mom’s Morning/Afternoon Out:

Pick a 2-hour time block in the morning or afternoon where moms can drop their under 3s off for two hours. Create a musical curriculum and video tape so mom is SURE to enroll her child in your dance studio when old enough!

#3 Parents’ Day Off:

5 hours of dance, fun, crafts, and games. Pull out your Dance-in-a-Can curriculum and have it once a month for 5 hours. Charge $30 per child for the day.

#4 Dance Shop:

Just supply the basics like slippers, tee shirts, leotards and tights. Don’t have enough room? Try this fantastic rack that will fit easily in your lobby.

#5 Clothing:

Have affordable custom tee-shirts, jackets, sweats, and more designed for you by a local designer OR Dance Studios Web Design and printed by Dance Studios Web Design’s favorite promotions agency. Contact us for prices (Or do it locally)

#6 Dance Overs:

Sleepovers with Dance, Dinner (Pizza), and a Movie (or make it a shorter 4-hour evening)

#7 Themed Birthday Parties:

For Boys: Zoo, Safari, Super Hero, Sports For Girls: Princess, Frozen, Super Hero, Dress Up Day (Makeup, Nails, Costumes). OR just have a party for the fun of it!

#8 Offer Unique Classes:

  • Theater Workshops: Do 5-minute scene studies from popular movies/plays.  Get scripts online.  Have a Saturday performance of “One Acts”
  • D’Acting: Great acting exercises for dancers. Check out a FREE EXAMPLE HERE:
  • Tumbling: get a great gymnastics teacher and make sure you have the correct equipment and mats
  • Master Work Shops: Consider having a Plugin and Play Master workshop from companies like STAGEDOORCONNECTIONS

#9 Parents Dance Class:

  • Cheese, Wine and all that Jazz, (thanks to Joanne and Rhonda)
  • Zumba – At a time that is convenient to them
  • Mom + Dad  Classes – ballroom, salsa, swing- offer babysitting for the one hour and pay your older dancers to watch

New Revenue Generating Ideas

#10  Studio Rentals:

Rent your studio for meetings, parties, or other teachers not competitive with you.

#11 Non-Dance Related Money Ideas:

  • YOUNGIQUE:  A lot of studios are doing this now.
  • NERIUM:  I need this for sure!