So, I was inspired yesterday by these two young men, who decided to “practice” their steps before going on an international tour of Europe with a traveling Vaudeville company. But it got me thinking… what a great way for studios to showcase their talent and hand out postcards about their studio. A real recipe for increasing enrollment!

So, no need for flash mobs, super planning, or crazy days, when you follow this 20-minute recipe to success:


  1. Location: mall, school, family festival, a high trafficked sidewalk- anywhere where you are sure to be seen by lots of people.
  2. Dancers: two or more. Costumes, optional
  3. Music: Optional
  4. Style of Dance: Tap or something containable
  5. Piece of Plywood

Pick a weekend day, and set up your dance-n-aid (think lemonade) stand. Start your dancers dancing and hand out your flyers. Make sure you get a few “fans-aka other students” to stand by and help the crowd build!

Don’t think too hard. It’s fun! Notice:

  1. Dancers start to dance to the rhythm of the subway car- COOL
  2. Tips: A nice bonus!
  3. Huge applause.

NOTE: The crowd started to grow when I started to videotape. That is why you need some “actors” in the audience!