We can help create a website to increase enrollment. In this day and age, just having a website is no longer enough when trying to bring in new students and parents to your dance studio. Your website needs to be an extension of your studio’s mission, demonstrate quality and values, and catch the attention of users visiting your website as potential customers. Your website should be state-of-the-art in terms of design, mobile access, and functionality.

  1. Visual Representation. What is your initial impression of your homepage? Do feel like your website’s design puts your studio’s best foot forward and demonstrates the professionalism found within your studio? A professional design should be striking and clean, but with enough visuals to immediately catch the eye of your customers.
  2. A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words. Does your website have enough pictures high-resolution images? No one wants to look at a blurry, pixelated photo. Having poor-quality photos on your website can detract from the professional quality and drive potential new students away. Recital and competition pictures, classes being taught, or the studios themselves are a few types of pictures that can decorate your website. Potential new students and their parents want to be able to see snapshots of life at your studio. Having a good variety and amount of photos can help create the feeling that your studio is a family.
  3. Ease of Access and Navigation. Can your students access the website and easily find the studio’s schedule, class descriptions, and easy registration? Does the website have a flow that makes sense and is easy to use? Approach your website as someone who is relatively new to the internet. If you are unable to find pertinent information easily, then you should probably consider rearranging your website. The easier it is to access information, the higher the chance you’ll bring in new students and keep your current students.
  4. Classes, Teachers, and Other Descriptions. Are your class descriptions robust? Do your teachers have descriptive, up-to-date bios? Consider adding videos to your class description pages to show potential new students what that specific class is really like. You can also include videos of your teachers on their bio page.
  5. Healthy Environment. With the Dance Moms TV series craze running around, it’s very important to stress that your studio promotes a healthy emotional environment. Most parents do not want to bring their children into an environment that is catty and cliquey. Have your website emphasize the importance of team building, positive attitudes, and good work etiquette.
  6. Set Yourself Apart From the Competition. Does your studio have any specialized classes that other studios in the area may not offer? If so, make sure that you advertise, advertise, advertise, these classes on your website. Showing that your studio offers classes that can’t be found elsewhere will boost your studio’s appeal to prospective students.