Your summer session has already begun, which makes now the perfect time to start getting ready to increase enrollment this fall. Here are some ideas to make this year your best one yet!

Make sure all your information is clear:

  • Make sure your website is very clear about your registration dates. Your customers and potential customers want to know how to register and when the deadlines are.
  • If you’re offering a promotion, set up a newsletter or post on social media to keep your families up to date.
  • Do you have online registration yet? It makes it super easy for your students to see what you offer and register all at once.

Offer discounts or incentives for customers who register early:

  • Waive the registration fee or offer a discount for families who register during or at the end of the summer session.
  • Have discounts or special pricing for people who register by a certain date.
  • Consider having a “flash sale.” Offer a free registration day where families can register without paying the registration fee.
  • Students who register early can be entered into a raffle to win anything from cash back, a costume, or free classes.

Reward students who pay upfront

  • Have discounts for families who purchase more classes all at once by doing a promotion like “buy 4 weeks, get 1 week free.”
  • Offer a discount off the total, if your customer pays all their class tuition in full.

Encourage new customers to register (You can use your current customers for this too!)

  • Start up a referral program. If your current students bring in new students, they can get a discount, freebies, etc.
  • Have special deals and promotions for new students. Offer a lowered registration price if they sign up by a certain day.
  • Create classes for the true beginner dancer… for adults or for children.
  • If you’re trying to pull in new adult dancers, consider having a program or a day where customers can bring a partner and get a slight discount on the price of the class.

Keep your loyal customers close

  • If you know your classes fill up quickly, send out your new schedule to your preexisting students early.
  • Grant your existing students “Priority status” and let them register early, before new students.
  • Tell your students that if they refer a friend, they will get a coupon good for any class or product in your studio.
  • Offer your Facebook fans (oftentimes your current students!) discounts and run an ad linking to your website.
  • Set yourself apart from other dance studios in the area. Have a free day where your dancers can just hang out for a movie night or a special master class.

Know that your online presence makes a huge impression

  • You’re getting ready for your best season yet, so take some time to refresh your website. All relevant information should be upfront (like your registration dates).
  • Update your imagery. Make sure you use crisp, awesome photos and videos of your best recent performances.
  • Upload your new schedule before you start up registration. You want to take advantage of early bird customers!
  • Offer online registration.  Customers love the convenience of paying for classes by credit card, and it can mean easier bookkeeping for you.
  • Use your social media. Dance studios have amazing photos, costumes, and performances. Post them! Prospective customers love to see just what you have to offer. Encourage your current students to upload their pictures of your studio to your business page.
  • Not sure what’s wrong with your website? Use Google Analytics to see where your customer is going, and make changes accordingly. If that sounds scary, you can always hire a professional like us to help make your site more SEO-friendly and modern-looking.