Do You Know Where Your Next Graduating Class Is Coming From?

I know that this is the time of year that CRAZINESS ensues for most studios. Between:

  1. Picture Day
  2. Recital
  3. Dress Rehearsal
  4. Registration
  5. Losing Senior AND
  6. Competition
  7. Summer Camp
  8. Pre-registration

it’s all you CAN do to keep from going crazy! So bookmark this article in the days after the madness because it’s one of the most important ones you’ll need to keep growing your business in 2022-23. So heed these thoughts:

Tip #1:

Your website is your MOST important asset.  

  1. Is it easy to find?
  2. Is it easy to follow?
  3. Is it easy to content manage?
  4. Does it reflect your studio in a graphically appeal way?
  5. Can you easily add videos?

Tip #2:

Do you know where your NEW graduating class is coming from? 

  1. Do you know where your new students come from?
  2. Do you have Google analytics embedded into your site? That way you can measure all results and traffic to your website and see if your digital advertising is working. What is digital advertising?
  3. Digital advertising is anything you do on the web whether it be free (free Facebook posts), paid: Paid Posts on Facebook, Paid Google advertising, Paid Advertising on Yelp, etc. If you use analytics you can track all traffic to your website.
  4. How do you get that done? Your web developer should be able to do this for you for a small fee. For $65, we will create a Google account for you, generate code and embed it into your website.

Tip #3:

Do you have a good studio management system?

  1. Do you know how to use it?
  2. Can people easily find classes and pay online?
  3. Do you know how many visits you get to your online system?
  4. Does your system embed Google Analytics so you can see where your visits are coming from?

Tip #4:

Do you have the help you need to manage?

  1. Can you hire extra help to get you through the hump?
  2. Do you have any smart parents/students that want to make some extra money?
  3. Family members?
  4. Friends?

Always pay. People feel more obliged to do a good job when they are not volunteering.

Tip #5:

Are you ready for Summer Camp?

  1. Do you have all your classes and programs ready?
  2. Have you started advertising?
  3. Have you started enrolling?