Along with great external marketing, comes the look and feel, and ambiance of your dance studio interior design. Is it fun and playful? Relaxing and soothing? Urban? Country? We scoured the internet for amazing dance studios from around the country and thought we’d share them with you. Colorful or loft-like, we found quite a few that tickled our fancy but pared them down 7.

Remember, your interior design says a lot about you! There are lots of things you can do on a small/low budget to help your studio come alive for your students!

  • Hang artwork – Artwork is a great way to express your personality and your studio’s mission. Don’t be afraid to get creative and hang some of your own artwork or photographs, or browse online for affordable prints. It can also provide inspiration for your dancers and give them a visual reminder of their goals and ambitions. Choose artwork that will complement the style and atmosphere of your studio.
  • Brighten up the walls – Add some color to the walls with a few pieces of art or a wall mural. Opt for some bright and cheerful colors that will boost the energy in the space.
  • Add some drama with lighting – Lighting can completely transform a space. Try adding some accent lighting to highlight certain areas of the room or even consider using dimmers to help set the mood.

Enjoy some great examples on how to improve your dance studio interior design!

1) How about this awesome studio turned gallery space?

dance studio interior design
2) A amazing Belly Dance Studio

dance studio interior design
3) Cool colors at a Los Angles studio

dance studio interior design
4) I would love coming to this cheerful place!

5) I am going to now!

6) Cool urban feeling with vintage windows at Antaeus Dance.

7) Last but not least, a rockin’ urban feel with Left Bank Dance