Increase Your SEO!

1:  Make pages your clients love!

The most important thing that affects your ranking is how long people stay on your page and whether they click on your links. Take an objective look at your pages. Is the information interesting and clear? Can people easily find what they are looking for? Is the design of your page graphically compelling? Does your page provide the information they thought they were going to get when they landed on your page? Can they easily find where to go next? Can they easily contact you?

2: Make your page stand out!

What makes your webpage stand out? Is it prettier or easier to read with great imagery and compelling videos? Can you make it more useful? Can it be more comprehensive, funnier, more interesting, and more compelling than your competition? Make your page awesome in order to stand out from your competition and get you a better Google ranking. Get a customized website from Dance Studios Web Design that will make your page stand out from the competition!

3:  Create great content!

This means you have content your users want to read, whether it be amazing descriptions of your classes, facility, and teachers, great blog posts about your recent awards, or cute videos of each class. It might be an instructional video with a great dance tip from one of your teachers for her advanced class. Dance Studios Web Design websites are made so you can put pictures of your amazing students and videos of your classes exactly where you need them.

4: Titles and Alt Tags

Your website should have easy ways to properly title pages and images. Titles are short, concise, and accurate descriptions of a web page. Our title says says “Dance Studios Web Designs builds websites for Dance Studios and Dance Schools.” Your website should be built so that you can easily add this to your page. All of your pages should also have separate “titles” that you can create. For example, when you look at our Pricing page, you can see that the page says, “/pricing/” Titles should be descriptive of the content and accurate! Dance Studios websites make it easy for you to add Titles and Alt Tags to your web pages!