Written by Lori Shecter

Cm Dancing

And so, you want to rebrand.  What does that mean exactly? New logo? New colors? New location? New website? Not entirely  Those things help you to rebrand, but the reality is that  there’s a perception in the community about your studio that you want to change.

Or you want to shout out to the community that you are way different then you were when you launched your studio 3, 5,20,20,40 years ago. 


Maybe you want to increase enrollment (who doesn't) or invite a new age group into your studio. Here are other common reasons a studio might want to change it up:


  1. You moved
  2. You enlarged
  3. You have new offerings- added classes,teachers,teams
  4. You want to reach a new demographic
  5. Your growth has slowed and you need to figure out why
  6. Competitive studios have blown away your enrollment
  7. Your marketing has inertia. Or you just don’t HAVE any marketing. 


We are based in NYC -- the restaurant capital of the world.  And yet, every month 100's of restaurants go out of business because of lack of clientele. But many of these restaurants don't actually go out of business; they reopen with a new cuisine and a new decor, and VIOLA!  The crowd appears to check out the new venue


Of course many studios can't afford this type of overhaul, but there are things you CAN do to help turn your studio into the PERCEPTION of having a new look, new offerings and a new brand, while keeping your current clientele.  So, here's the trick that we think can help your rebranding be a success with both your current and new families...INVOLVE THEM in the process.


Our favorite way of ensuring that clients feel involved and to encourage participation is to offer contests.  They don't have to be a massive undertaking but can range from the simple to more complex.  What you want to do is find out how to make your studio and your presense improve and stand out from the crowd.  Things that your families can provide you with input are: 

  • New Colors
  • New Logo
  • New Classes 


Testimonials and referrals are the main way that we get new clients.  Testimonials drive traffic and help you with search engine optimization. Easy ways to get testimonials and content are weekly or monthly contests -- give something away that doesn't cost you too much BUT is important enough to make your families enter! Only you know what that would be but some ideas include:

  • a 30 minute private
  • a free month of one class
  • a free costume
  • Dancewear
  • Dance equipment

So what can your contest be: simple, have them do what they ALWAYS DO!

  • Video tape a testimonial and send to you (so you can post on your YOUTUBE and social accounts.)
  • Have them tag you and the studio
  • Tell their story about how they have changed as a dancer
  • Tagging, posting and sharing is key but ALSO you must get this video in order to help control the distribution of it and to put it on your website.
  • Perhaps easier (and very valuable) have them write 100 words of ANYTHING great about your studio. If you do this monthly, your content will go through the roof as well as your search engine rankings.


  1. What do you offer that your competition doesn't?
  2. Are they unhappy at their current location
  3. Differentiate your studio from the others in your town.  

Here are some ideas? Offer MORE than your competition!

  • Homework tables
  • Tutoring
  • Healthy snacks
  • Frequent and fun events such as:  Parents night out - you take care of their kids, pajama night, movie night

Yes I DID-- used the Cascade in the bathroom before my coffee.  So, think about how your students might be confused!

Dance Studio Differentiation


We try hard to differentiate ourselves from our competition by providing LOTS of free marketing ideas, a Facebook Group (called DanceStudioMarketing) and giving you our thoughtful suggestions on how to grow YOUR studio enrollment.

It's all a part of what we at Dance Studios Web Design do for our clients and the dance community!