Written by Bill Nunn

When you start thinking about hiring a company like Dance Studios Web Design to build a website for you, you will likely be most concerned with the aesthetics and content of your site.  You want it to look great, reflect your unique position in the market, and provide engaging content that pleases your audience (i.e. your potential customers).  Chances are, the appearance and functionality of your Navigation Bar are probably resting somewhere against the back wall of your brain.  We’re here to tell you that a well-designed and effectively used navigation bar can be one of the most important – if not the most glamorous – aspects of a great dance studio web design. 

A Navigation Bar is the banner across the top or side of your web page that allows your students and parents to find all the content on your site.  If your navigation is clean and organized, chances are that it will reflect well on your dance studio overall, thereby increasing the likelihood that more parents will want to send their children to your studio.  This is an example of SIDE NAVIGATION.

Side Nav

This is an example of both TOP AND SIDE navigation.  


Also, many sites are designed with a  DROP DOWN which allows multiple of pages to be connected from one navigation bar. 


At Dance Studios Web Design, the first step in our process is sitting down with our clients and discussing all of their needs before we go about designing and developing their site (Click HERE to read more about Our Process).  We can help you design a useful navigation bar that will help your users navigate your page seamlessly.  And the best part of our designs is that we will train you to handle all of the content management of your website, making it easy for you to manage your own page.

If you are interested in having a website built for your studio, call Dance Studios Web Design at 1-888-688-2955.