Progressive Dance Studio


Owner/Director Jolene Perry has an amazing studio located in Englewood, New Jersey.  She wanted to be able to feature all her young dancers and appeal to moms that had children just starting out, as well as reach advanced level students. 

"If it weren't for the persistance of Dance Studios Web Design, we would never have upgraded to our new amazing website!"


We created a one-of-a-kind homepage that allowed Progressive to feature stories of her students and let everyone know the power that dance has on people of all ages.  By offering unlimied images and videos, the website appeals to dancers of all ages and abilities. 


Dance Studios Web Design Completed a beautiful, mobile optimized website with robust function and features.  Our one-on-one training sessions ensure that Jolene and her staff know exactly how to update all images.


This website comes chock full of features including:

  1. Unlimited pages
  2. Unlimited videos
  3. Responsive to mobile devices
  4. Homepage Dancer Stories
  5. Ability to add and delete pages without a designer
  6. Contact Us Form
  7. Homepage Video
  8. Homepage Testimonial
  9. Looks great in all mobile devices
  10. Photo and video gallery
  11. Ability to Search the site for easy to find classes
  12. Integrated blog feature














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