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"Many thanks to Lori and the Staff of Dance Studio Web Design for a wonderful New Website! We literally had a new site up and running in just two weeks! The process was painless and the support is amazing. We have gotten a fantastic response from our new site by our old and new clientele. Can't wait to start our new Season! I highly recommend using them." Bronx Dance Theatre


Lydia called us in a panic!  Her website was going down in two weeks and she needed a new one immediately!  We were easily able to ensure her that, right before her June recital the new website would be live for her to announce to the parents!


This website comes chock full of features including:

  1. Unlimited pages
  2. Unlimited videos
  3. Ability to add and delete pages without a designer
  4. Contact Us Form
  5. Blog for new news
  6. Homepage Video
  7. Homepage Testimonial
  8. Looks great in all mobile devices
  9. Photo and video gallery
  10. And much more!


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