Written by Lori Shecter

DancestudiomarketingroupSo happy I started this Facebook Dance Studio Marketing Group: 7 AMAZING ideas that were generated from you, you AWESOME dance studios and, ideas that I GOT from you to help us make new products!









IDEA 1:  Rhonda Foote’s  TOT’S ‘ N TEENS class!  Pair a preteen or teen dancer with a tot (18 months to 3 years.) Have teens volunteer and add it to their college and job resumes. Both sides benefit and SO MUCH FUN!  Rhonda  reports the classes SELL OUT!

FB Marketing Group

IDEA 2: Lisa Peresan asked “how to engage adult dancers” and we responded!  Combine the fun of dance with the fun of food, wine and drink! Rhonda Foote gave us some amazing names to call these evenings out:  Bar after Barre (Ballet), Tap into Wine (Tap), or Wine ‘n Cheese ‘n All That Jazz (Jazz)!  

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More adult dance ideas from our own Michael J. Clark:  6 weeks (or however long you want) to a new body!  Give a dance class that ends in various beauty tips/ideas.  Example:   a nutrition talk, a manicure, partnered massages, new food trends, vitamin discussion, stress relief ideas, socialization secrets, etc.  Third idea:  Dance Away Doubts!  This class could work for teenagers also.  The class infuses ideas about confidence and how to build self-esteem.  Have group discussions, bring new ideas you find online, and practice various ways you can increase self-esteem through dance!

IDEA 3: From Rhonda Foote:  (We already KNOW that YOUTUBE is the BEST TOOL for Search engine optimization on your website), but many studios don’t know how to make videos.  Rhonda  gave us FLIPAGRAM: pulls from Facebook, Instagram and your camera roll to create a video of your memories. Select your favorite moment, arrange them in order and then post to your favorite social network. It's that easy. This app is perfect for creating a digital scrapbook of a family party or holiday. We went a step further and found:

  1. Cameo - Special effects and other editing tools are built into the program giving creative users a large arsenal of features to produce high-quality films. Web profiles were a new addition to the app so professionals have an easier way of sharing their stuff with each other online.
  2. Lightt - From the touch screen, users can instantly add music and voice overs while capturing something in action. Combine clips from other projects to make a feature length film.
  3. Instagram – Not only is it great for your photos, it is great for advertising too!  Instagram goes hand in hand with Twitter and can improve the look of your photos.
  4. Camera+ - Camera+ is our pick for the best camera app for the iPhone because it's fast, easy to use, feature packed, and consistently updated. Camera+ is fantastic for a number of reasons, but the best feature Camera+ adds is the ability to set focus and exposure separately. You also get a variety of shooting modes (including a stabilizer, timer, and burst mode), a solid digital zoom, and a grid to make sure your compositions are interesting. Camera+ also has a ton of editing options where you can add effects, create layers, edit balance, enhance based on the scene, and plenty more.

IDEA 4: DANCE IN A CAN- Camp Programming

In response to extremely busy studio owners who are extremely busy, we created: Camp in a Can and ICICLE Camp (YUP, you know what that is, LOL)  Here’s just one testimonial:

Danceinacan _476x 285

“Just checked out my Icicle Camp! Some really great ideas, dancing games and crafts. Very excited about this Dance in a Can it’s my first purchase! As with many studios right now, its crazy time and after viewing this Camp I feel like I have a jump on our Frozen Camp Actives and don't need to stress quite so much in getting ready for it. Lots of jumping off points for me and my staff LOVE that there is something for different age groups as well! Thank you Lori Shecter! I'M A HAPPY SNOWMAN!”

Thanks Kathleen Kelble!


After talking to so many NON-PROFITABLE dance studios, we put together a spread sheet to see if discounting or free costumes can be a better solution rather than multi-class discounts! We also created a spread sheet for you to figure out pricing.  We featured it in our files but you can get it here too. CLICK HERE



We know that setting up a Facebook ad seems very complex, but it’s really quite easy!  To convince you, we had an online seminar to teach you all the tricks! We followed that up with written STEP BY STEP GUIDE  on how to set up your own Facebook ad.


We wanted everyone to get OFF excel spreadsheets.  So we came up with a $5/Month version.  It doesn’t do EVERYTHING the full version of School Empower but it WILL get you organized, export all your accounting, student records and more!


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