Written by Lori Shecter

Summer Dance Dance Studios Web Design



This list will get your started thinking about SUMMER CLASSES:

1) Decide on your curriculum. Curriculum choice and target audience is important.  Remember whatever classes you choose will forumlate who your target audience is:

  • Dance Camps: recreational and younger children
  • Intensives: for the serious dancers
  • Adult Classes
  • Consider hiring a professional "intensive" company like STAGEDOORCONNECTIONS. (Fun Fact: Dance studios web design built this website!)  As part of Stage Door Programs, School Empower can be used for online registration.

2) Each different type of curriculum needs a different brochure and design look and feel in order to best reach and speak to your target audience. Evaluate which program targes which class.

3) Set timing and pricing for all classes/curriculum:  This also includes early bird pricing for parents/students that register early.  Make sure that early registration discounts are for a short time to generate the feeling of excitment and MUST BUY NOW to lock in rates.

4) Create your schedule and class descriptions and put them on your website. Make sure people can easily register and PAY for your Summer Classes.

5) Set up your school management system with the classes

6) Determine where to promote: 

  • Facebook
  • Manta
  • Schools
  • Parenting Newspapers
  • Your Website
  • Instagram
  • Postcards to your parents
  • Email Blasts to your Parent List
  • Yellow Pages
  • Group On

Make sure you find out all costs involved in promoting your summer program and decide what the Return on Investment can be for your studio.

7) Use Youtube from your last year's camp to show how much fun kids have or video tapes from your MasterClass Intensives. Make sure you set up your YouTube videos to provide the BEST SEO.  Read this article to learn how to do it. 

8) Have a PRE-SIGN up Open House for your parents to pre-register for summer.  Have it on a cold winter day when parents can come by and spend time with you, your teachers and your studio.  Serve coffee tea and snacks.  Have fun "pre-camp" classes for free so your littles can beg their parents to register. (Arts/Crafts, Frozen Princesses)

Sign up for CAMP IN A CAN to make summer camp a breeze! Includes marketing materials too!

Frozen Camp And Camp

 Hope this list gets you started!