Written by Lori Shecter

This year Dance Studios Web Design and School Empower is proud to be a sponsor of OPEN CALL COMPETITION.  We will be helping WINNING STUDIOS grow their business! Thanks to OPEN CALL we are able to provide you with a JUDGES SERIES:an inside look on how to make the BEST of any competition.  We hope you enjoy this content and make sure to share it with your teams.

For me a winning routine is the full package...Technique, Style and Creativity. If you have all of those 3 elements, you’re off to a great start. JIM KEITH: The Movement Talent Agency

Be yourself; leave everything you have on the stage. Don't worry about the steps... dance is about the passion and what is behind it. Good training comes from dedication, but passion can't be taught. JUDSON EMERY: MTV-Professional Dancer

Set goals and dance for yourself! You are your biggest competition as only you can control what you do. My #1 tip: Be the best you can be and try to achieve greatness within yourself. Push yourself to your limits and don’t compare your dancing with someone else’s. Watch others to be inspired. I am looking for dancers who have no fear, show me their hearts, and are vulnerable and open to expressing themselves. Dance is the greatest form of expression.  I want someone to tell me their story through every part of their body and to take risks and go beyond. I love when I see a dancer push themselves and leave everything on the stage, making me want to give them a standing ovation after they perform.  ! LINDSAY NELKO: So You Think You Can Dance

I have one tip for competing dancers: Enjoy yourself! Trust in your hard work and let your bodies guide you--they know what to do! Believe in it and let go!! I'm looking for genuine dance. Honesty. Integrity. Intelligent choreography. Strong technique. Quality over quantity. Storytellers! CAT COGLIANDRO: Edge Performing Arts Center               

Of course when I am watching any routine I am looking for great technique, but what really takes a dance to the next level for me is performance quality. Being able to tell a story, convey emotion, and make the audience feel something is so impressive. If you can combine flawless technique and spot on performance quality, that is winning for me! JULIANNA LICHTMAN, Clear Talent Group

My tip is to have fun and truly enjoy what you are doing. Dance is such a gift and we are so lucky to be able to do it, so take advantage of that and give your all!  I am always looking for dancers that execute technique with integrity and intention and perform GENUINELY, with their real expressions and real emotions. There's never any need for an over-dramatic or forced performance. Originality and creativity. I like simplicity. And of course, great technique, timing, and clarity in movement. MISHAY PETRONELLI, Broadway Dance Center

BE HONEST!  I really shy away from words like "performance" or "performing" when working with artists. The purpose of creation, be it dance, photography, painting, writing, etc. isn't to "give", "show", or "put something on."  It's about being "in" conversation, being "in" experience and connecting.  Being genuine on stage and allowing yourself an honest experience is what allows your audience and judges  space to reflect and have their own experience, thus allowing a sense of connection between you and them. 

I'm always on the lookout for dancers that embody and practice being a professional.  This practice begins at the studio in the mentality cultivated by each artist and instructor and their approach to training and performing.  This is like creating any habit: any patterns formed physically and mentally then become apparent in the way each artist takes the stage. This is more than technical proficiency or being emotionally connected throughout a performance.  I'm looking for dancers that emanate a respect and responsibility for themselves and the work.  CALEN KURKA, Pushing Progress,  Company Workshop/


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