Written by Michael J. Clark

Camp BlogDance Summer Camps have the potential to help your studio grow enrollment, earn money, and educate students in a way that is fun for many levels.  Successful summer camps require the careful act of balancing fun with education.  Here are some tips as you finalize your Dance Camp that will help you make it as successful as possible!

Teach the BASICS:

No matter what level your dancers are, teaching the basics is a great way to educate your dancers and give them the tools they need to succeed.  Teaching the basics can also allow you to combine both advanced and beginner dancers.  Try teaching the basics in multiple genres, expanding the dancers’ understanding of the fundamental differences between the styles.  This will also attract students who have not signed up for your year round program as they can sample various styles.  If you need help doing this check out Dance In A Can; we have choreographed seven dance routines in seven dance styles (Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Tap, and Modern) which really nail and help you correct the basics. 


Camp Can Ad

Market to NEW Clients:

Summer dance camp is a great way to allow new clients to try your studio in an intensive way.  New clients can experience multiple teachers and styles while still easing into dance through the incorporation of games and events.

In addition, do not forget to market to your current cliental.  Briefly speak about it at recital or include an ad for your summer camp in your recital program. 

Balance FUN:

Schedule your day so that the Dance Camp is not only dance; find ways to incorporate fun games and exercises.  If you need help with this, check out Dance In A Can.  We have step by step how to’s for d’acting exercises, and over 40 dance and non-dance games which will help your students smile!  This allows them to get out their extra energy, enjoy themselves, and keeps camp fun (which will allow you to really educate during your classes).

Work out your BUDGET:

Before your camp starts, figure out your budget!  You should be compensated for your time (remember you are an artist and a business person).  List all of your costs (rent, teachers, food, utilities, etc.) and use your expenses to create your camp cost.  We have a great simple spreadsheet to start you off here; if you purchase Dance In A Can you will get an intensive complex version that will help you find the perfect price.