Written by Lori Shecter

InstagramWe KNOW! Social media is becoming overwhelming. But the facts are that you should be using at least 2 on a daily basis, and it's becoming more apparent that Instagram is fast overtaking Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Instragram recently hit 150 million users. A recent study published by L2 THINK TANK found that Instagram gives companies 25% more engagement than any other social platform including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


 The basics:

  1. Learn how to use Instagram: Use THIS LINK to Instagram to lean how to easily set up your business account.
  2. Use pictures of your students and teachers dancing
  3. Use videos of your classes/competition. Not just recitals!
  4. Cultivate a following (see below)
  5. Integrate Instagram with your Facebook account. 
  6. Use fun Hashtags for your pictures.
  7. Use a combination of text and imagery.
  8. Follow your followers back.
  9. Use Instagram video
  10. Inspire your potential students:

Engagement and followers:

1.  Have a contest: when it comes to user generated content, you can never have too much of a good thing.

  • Choose the right "prize" like a gift certificate for classes or dancewear to encourage lots of posts..
  • Pick a simple campaign hashtag. If your studio has a long name, using it in your hashtag won't work well. so using something like, #denverdancedare- might be good for a studio based in Denver. 
  • Have a theme that gives your content a point of focus
  • Display the content on your website (your web developer can do that for you--so can we!)

An example of a company doing a cool contest is Michael Kors.  They run a contest where users have a chance to win one of three limited edition timepieces when they upload a photo wearing one of their watches with the hashtag #mktimeless.

2.  Add User generated photos to your class descriptions

3.  Show your students in motion! 

4. Timing is everything: Post when your followers are online. An Instagram post has about a 3-4 hour lifespan, so if your followers are not online when you post, they won't see your photo. 

4.  Have a clear call to action: "Double tap this if you like pointe." Fans are twice as likely to engage with a photo/post if there is a clear call to action. The more engagement you have, the more exposure you have. The more exposure you have, the more potential you have to get more Instagram followers.

5.  Have fun!!!