Written by Lori Shecter

Here are three things (completely unrelated!) to help you grow enrollment.

TOOL 1:  Spring Break Camp--Parents are always looking for fun ideas for their children during  Spring Break. Offer full day and half day plans. A perfect way for new parents to sample your school--while also increasing revenue in 2014. Use your studio management system so families pay in full upfront without YOU having to chase them.  Use your website and Facebook to advertise now.  Don't miss out on this extra way to increase enrollment in 2014. Here is an example of how School Empower can help you!





Tool 2: Embed Google analytics to your website.  Why: Google analytics will show you where your traffic comes from, and will help you understand where to spend marketing dollars. Analytics will also show you the most important and heavily used pages on your site so you can make sure that you keep that content fresh and up to date.  You can then share those pages on Facebook to get even more interaction with your current and potential clients.

How: Your webmaster or Dance Studios Web Design can help you.



Tool 3 Use Bit'ly:  Create an account with BIT'LY.COM. Use Bit'ly to shorten your LINKS AND to track engagement, clicks and usage times.  For example, if you are posting a link on Facebook for a new class, or a link to your online enrollment system, make it a bit'ly link and SEE how many people clicked on it!




Tool 4: Take to the streets! There is nothing like face to face communication with potential students and families to convince them that your studio is the perfect place for them.  Try searching MEET UP for mommy and me groups.  Contact the owner of the group and offer to give them a sample MOMMY AND ME class either at your studio or at their Meet Up. Print flyers and give them a free class or a discount upon registering. Can't get to a meetup? Hire one of your students to drop off flyers.


Using this ideas will not only help you understand where your business is coming from and how to get more exposure in a unique way!


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January 2014