Written by Lori Shecter

Social Money

Have you been frustrated with your social media interaction recently? Your posts are no longer being seen by your parents, your YouTube videos aren't getting views and no one responds to your tweets. That is because you now have to  pay for attention.

EdgeRank is an algorithm developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed on the News feed. Your studio will ultimately be judged by your ability to engage your students. You will need to get your content in front of your students' screens once again. 

As a local business person, it is time to realize you must be spending SOME MONEY on social media marketing--you'll be surprised at how much even $1/day can help you increase engagement.  

#1. Boost your Facebook posts

Adding just $1.00 in promotion to all of your Facebook posts will drastically increase your interaction. You’ll start to notice a major spike in communication when you boost your post for a small budget. 

Keep in mind that the more compelling the post that you’ll be boosting, the more engagement it will receive. A simple $1.00 post for a company Facebook page with fewer than 10,000 “Likes” will work wonders. The image below shows you that the post without an image got 48 views versus 142 views and engagement.

Fb Jan

Invest $2.00 per week on your two most captivating Facebook posts. This will cost you $8.00 for the month and you will see a nice boost in your Facebook interaction for the month.

#2. Advertise YouTube videos

One of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to receive exposure on social media is to create a YouTube video. If you advertise your video for just $1.00 per day for a two-week time span, you’ll be able to obtain close to 1,000 views (especially if you tag it properly like this video from Performance Dance Centre.) Your video then should link back to your website.

#3. Promoted tweets

We’ve all seen the promoted tweets in our stream. In 2014, it is finally easy for all Twitter users to start reaping the benefits of their advertising platform.

As a studio owner, you need to pick a compelling tweet for example,  asking a question that requires a response (or even requests a RT). You’ll want to set-up a sponsored Tweet that targets your core demographic and advertise this tweet for $4. I’m not guaranteeing that the tweet will go viral, but it will be one of your top performing tweets for the month. And it will only cost you $4.00 to run!

After you seen the results with putting some money behind tweets, it will open your mind to additional opportunities for generating great interaction on Twitter.

#4. Find an influential Instagram follower

Find one of your powerful Instagram students (or all of them!) that generates a lot of interaction. Reach out to the person and offer them a $5 Starbucks gift card. All they will need to do for you is take a picture that relates to your studio. Make sure they mention you in three separate posts per month. You’d be surprised how approachable some of the top-notch student Instagram users will be. Not to mention, people love their coffee!

The result? Users will find your Instagram account trendy and you will start to pick up more followers while also reaching out to a new audience (followers of the influential user).

Follow the formula above and you will receive great social interaction for just $0.99 per day ($29.70 for the month to be exact). The trend of social media is that if you don’t shell out some cash, your content is going to get buried. If you are creative with your social media posts and allocate just $0.99 per day to your campaigns, your content will catapult past the competition.

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