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Good Video

I can't stress the importance of video to dance studios, so I thought I would share these quick points to make your video...even better!

How to make good video:

  1. Get a camera: it can be an iphone.
  2. Reveal the main benefit of the of your video-Why your should viewers watch: "take a look at our adorable tot class, it's a must see!" (Don't over think this point.)
  3. If you can, take a shot of the logo of your school so it has your company name.
  4. Deliver the content you promised to deliver.
  5. Call to action: "For more information on our amazing tot classes," or, "Do you want your child to have this much fun? Give us a call at: 212-929-9980"
  6. Outtakes: is there some funny stuff that you recorded that is memorable but is an outtake? Try it! Making it funny and memorable engages your audience even more.
  7. For easy editing:  both Mac and PC have FREE easy edit tools
  8. Time to do this??  Engage your students to talk about their experiences, have them tape themselves, and offer a gift from your shop or offer a free class.  Your students are your most ARDENT supporters!!  Make sure they voice their opinion or share in their success or the success of their classes with you.

I especially loved this video of Urban Arts Exposure capturing her students giving a testimonial! You can't have a better advertisement than that for your website.

And another:

Una mas! It's EASY!!

With Dance Studios Web Design websites you can add as MANY VIDEOS as you want!