Written by Lori Shecter

Grow Studio Enrollment

Ok everyone.  The verdict is IN!  Buying key words on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing work better than print advertising to grow enrollment and to find your studio. One of our studios reports that last year she ENDED with 150 students and this year she is ALREADY at 155!  That's awesome growth.  She attributes part of that to spending money on SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING.  It's faster, easier AND cheaper than print, and best of ALL you can see the response rate from your Google dash board. You can tell exactly what's working and what is not bringing you business. Do you know why?  Because you only have to pay each time a person CLICKS on your ad.  You don't have to spend $150 to $500 without any knowledge of whether or not your ad is going to bring in business.  You can spend as little as $5/day and still get clicks.

The example below shows you that you can spend $400 on a newspaper ad, but with a key word search buy you can SEE how many people are actually click on your ad and who is visiting your studio...everyone is online line!

 KEY WORD VERSUS NEWSPAPER ADDance Studios Should By Key Words

The first step is to have a great website so that when land on your page, they get the best impression of your website.  Design, content, video and pictures with easy to find classes and pricing will help prospective students to find you and register.  


Afraid to started? Don't be! Here are the first steps: 

  1. Get a Google email address.  Simple to sign up.
  2. Get a Google ad words account.  Use your new GOOGLE email address.
  3. Follow STEP BY STEP instructions on how to set up your GOOGLE ADWORDS campaign.  You can micro target demographics based on Age, Sex, and location.  You can HYPER target so your campaign only runs within a 20 mile radius of your studio.
  4. Confused?  Google will help you for FREE the first time to step up your account. They will help you with key words, targeting AND writing your ads.
  5. You can then select your COST PER CLICK:  cost in your area will depend on how many other studios are bidding on your key words.

You can't increase enrollment without spending money on advertising.  Make sure that money is well spent and accountable.  People are LOOKING for your studio. Google, Yahoo and Bing will make sure they find you.

Dance Studio Marketing Services

Not enough time?  We can set up and manage your search engine marketing for you.   Call us today to find out about our monthly plans. 888-688-2955.  Or CLICK HERE to find out more.