Written by Lori Shecter


Hopefully by now, you have a Facebook Page for your studio and you are engaging with your students and getting potential new students to find you.  In order to better help you know when to post and what posts are working to engage your fans, Facebook released better insights.

For example, we know that most of our fans are checking facebook between 5-6PM so we have started posting our updates then instead of 9AM when we first started.  (Not a member of our FANPAGE?  LIKE US NOW for daily marketing tips to help you grow your studio.  We usually add new marketing ideas between 5-6 PM daily.


  1. People Talking About this has been replaced with individual actions
    - New Page Likes (fans)
    - People Engaged (unique users who clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared your post), 
    - @ tags of your Page made by others
    - Page checkins (for Place pages)
  2. Virality was renamed to Engagement Rate. Also, previously, Virality did not include post clicks, whereas Engagement does.
  3. Each post has its own unique "Scorecard" so you can see at-a-glance your positive and negative metrics on each post. To access a post's scorecard, look on the Overview tab or Posts tab and click on an individual post.


  1. There are 6 new tabs: Overview, Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, and People.
    Note: the Overview tab shows a snapshot of the last 7 days of available data about your Page's performance. On the Likes, Reach and Visits tabs, you can easily select a date range by a) dragging the sliders on the chart at the top, or b) simply click on the 1W 1M 1Q to view the last week, month or quarter, or c) enter the date range on the calendar icons.
  2.  LIKES TAB TIP: In the Likes tab, you can drill down to discover more information about your sources of Likes and Unlikes. Just hover over any of the 3 main charts, then click on a date to see a popup with data about that date. (Or, to see data about a specific date range, just click and drag across a chart). In the popup, be sure to also click on the second tab for "Unlikes" to discover more about why fans may have unliked your page. Sources of unlikes include: On your Page and posts, after hiding a post, and suspicious account removal. 
  3. REACH TAB TIP: You'll find a similar feature in the Reach tab: click on any date in the charts (or click and drag across a chart to see data about a specific date range), and the popup shows the posts that were published on that date/dates. This is useful to quickly drill deeper and see what specific posts caused spikes and dips in reach. 
  4. VISITS TAB TIP: Be sure to review your top sources of external referrers so you can thank them... and encourage them to refer you more.  
  5. POSTS TAB TIP: To view your post engagement rate as a percentage, under "All Posts Published," look across to the right > click the little down arrow > select Engagement Rate. This shows you a percentage of unique people who clicked on, liked, commented on or shared your post *divided by* the total number of unique people who saw that post. The unique people includes fans and non fans. What is also useful to know is the total number of unique people who saw your Page post because they've liked your Page (your fans). You can access that data via the Export tool > Post Level Data > look at column T. 

    Note that "When your fans are online" shows when the *total* number of people who have liked your Page are online and are, as Facebook says, "most likely to consume your content." This is helpful to know. Just be sure to not think this is the total # of fans actually seeing your content!

    Good news for Place Page owners, a new CHECKINS tab is coming soon to show details about people who checked in to your location.

    ➤ Read Facebook for Business's official announcement here:https://www.facebook.com/facebookforbusiness/news/pageinsights -- be sure to also view the helpful video tutorial.

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