Written by Lori Shecter


Not only is it important to know what to do on Pinterest it is even more important to know what NOT to do. Pinterest is a great resource for my business and I have received a lot of attention once I started using Pinterest the correct way.

With Pinterest being the third most popular social media platform following behind Facebook & Twitter, you want to make sure you are doing the right things to promote your business.

Pinterest hit 10 million unique U.S. monthly visitors faster than any stand-alone site in history. Source: Experian
Pinterest now gets well above 20 million unique monthly visitors. Source: TechCrunch

Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+, & LinkedIn combined.Pinterest is the #1 eCommerce site for social media!

Unfortunately, these Pinterest mistakes can make a business look unprofessional.
Even though there are more than these 10, I wanted to give you my top 10 list! Drum roll please!!!!

#10. Doing Business on your Personal Profile. When you first joined Pinterest you probably set up a personal account and after pinning for a while you started using Pinterest for your business without realizing it. Pinterest now offers specific business profiles so you want to make sure you setup a Pinterest business account or convert to a business. Without the business profile, you are missing out on the valuable analytics Pinterest offers.
#9. Failing to complete your profile. When you have a business account, you can select your "business type," add your location, verify your website, and create a short "About You" section for your profile. Completing your entire profile is important to build credibility with first time viewers and to take advantage of SEO by using keywords in the profile description.
#8. Pinning with No Organization. To reach your target audience, you must plan your pins and organize them correctly. If you are sharing your knowledge on marketing your business on Twitter, then you don't want to pin anything else on that Twitter board except relevant training material. It drives me crazy to look at a board about one subject and see chicken recipe or puppy pictures that are not relevant to the board title.
#7. Pinning images that are of Poor Quality. There is a minimum graphic size that performs well on Pinterest. Avoid pinning content that is too big, too small, too blurry or simply low quality. NOTE: Max image size: 600 pixels wide X 5000 pixels high. Minimum is 300 pixels X 300 pixels.
#6. Forgetting to link to Other Social Media. If a customer shows interest in your brand on Pinterest, they'll likely want to follow you on Facebook and Twitter too. Make sure they can do so by linking to these social networks within Pinterest's "Account Settings."
#5. Not Reorganizing Boards in a Timely Manner. Pinterest is great to use during holidays or special times of the year. Pin away to promote your business during these times of the year, but when we are rolling into another holiday time, move the old holiday boards to the bottom and the more relevant boards at the top. So you won't want your Christmas boards at the top of your profile when it is in the middle of summer celebrating the Fourth of July.
#4. Being All About Your Business. I bet this one sounds confusing! Well, what I mean is that you only pin pictures of all your products which creates a self-promotion of your business. People will buy when they can see themselves using your products and services or when they understand how it can improve their life. Try and pin pictures that show how your customer how they can use your products and how it can help them.
#3. Pinning Everything at One Time. Pinning too many pins at one time is overwhelming and quite annoying to followers. Try to scatter your pins throughout the day. If you don't have the time throughout the day to pin, then check out a resource that allows you to schedule your pins.
#2. Creating Boards that Look Like a Ghost Town. When you start a new board pin at least pin pins so your board looks full. There are five photo areas and when these are empty it gives the illusion that you don't have valuable information to share. Look at the difference between the board on the left with only one picture and the board on the right where the board has six graphics.
#1. Biggest Pinterest Mistake. There are many mistakes made on Pinterest but this one can do more damage than any other. You must optimize your pins. This means you need to include everything you need to for each pin. Name your image with a keyword, write a description and include keywords, utilize hashtags, pin to the appropriate board, and link it back to your website.
I hope this article gave you some ideas on what to look for on your profile and account to avoid these Pinterest mistakes. Pinterest is such an asset to your business when used correctly.


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