Written by Lori Shecter

FacebooknotSo you have a Facebook. You have a lot of “likes”, which is a good thing. But how many of these “likes” convert into new students?  Or are the only people that like you your existing student base?  Have all those hours of photo posting increased registrations? These should be questions you ask yourself when managing your social media.

Facebook can be a good way for your school to foray into social media; it can help get your name out there, and it also helps improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Some studios  even communicated cancelled classes or practices, recital information and more using Fan Pages, also offered by Facebook.

Likes may be the currency of interaction on Facebook, but they don’t mean much when it comes to registration and brand loyalty. This isn’t surprising when you consider that 98% of Facebook users who like a brand page never return to that page, and 61% of Facebook users only like a page in order to get access to a special offer or coupon. No matter how good your Facebook content might be, it’s likely to get lost in the sea of posts, photos and videos from thousands of other sources—including your competitors.

Facebook is useful in creating brand awareness and driving traffic.  Hopefully a few of you have experimented in using Facebook ads (easy peasy to set up.  See VIDEO HERE.)  But even if you have fans, there's an 84% chance that your followers WON'T see your post.  

I don’t want to be too hard on Facebook. They’ve successfully created a place where people want to spend time. Facebook and Twitter have become the new broadcast media, and like the television studios were in their heyday,
they are immensely powerful. If you're not seeing the results you want on Facebook, get a place where you can decorate in your own way, arrange things how you like, and create an immersive environment with a customer experience that is all your own.  And this metropolis is your WEBSITE.

CLICK HERE for a downloadable guide showing you how the big companies do it.

So what can your website do?  

  1. Tell your students all about your studio CLICK HERE for example.
  2. Have student feed back and reviews on classes
  3. Have detailed class descriptions. CLICK HERE for example.
  4. Have engaging content with comments and reviews. Our blog is an example.
  5. Link to ONLINE registration.  Go to the registration tab on THIS WEBSITE.
  6. Have lots of easy to find VIDEOS and PICTURES.

Facebook is a way to tell people about your studio, your WEBSITE is the way to get people ENGAGED and REGISTERING.

If you want your website to be a community, of students that follow you, engage with you and REGISTER with your school, let us know.  Dance Studios Web Design has a solution for you!