Written by a Dance Mom

T'was the night before Nut Cracker
And all through my house,
The children ran madly,
Where the heck is my SPOUSE?

Because I'm a dance mom, I have so much to do,
With Billy and Sarah and little John too.
First there was soccer, and work, next football camp,
I know I need to pay for dance class--but where's the damn stamp?

Then Billy got punched, and Johnny failed math.
And dammit, Sarah wore her ballet tights into the bath!
And Rocky the Beagle just hates to be alone,
Can he wait in the studio? He'll just play with his bone?

By the time I drive to school, to sports and then dance,
Forgive me y'all, I haven't a chance.
There's laundry to do, and homework to check,
How can I remember the costume--- Oh LORD, I'm a wreck!

The pasta got burned, my husband was starved,
My boss started throwing me these nasty barbs.
The mail is all piled off to one side,
And somewhere in there that those damn bills try and hide.

But tonight will be magic,
I know without doubt,
When the curtains go down,
And the lights dim out.

The magic will happen,
The numbers get played,
Clara will twirl,
Sarah's hairpins all stayed!

When the curtains finally close,
And the crowd roars and cheers,
My cheeks will be wet,
With silent thankful tears.

I know how hard you work,
At our childen's dance school.
I'll try really hard,
To follow the rules.

I appreciate everything
you to try to achieve.
My words you must truly believe.
I swear next year I will be better than ever.
But first, can you tell me, where's the monthly newsletter?