Written by Lori Shecter

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This year, our resolution is to EMPOWER studios of all kinds to grow their business. Each week we will try and give you multiple marketing and branding ideas for how you can increase your business.

One thing that I’ve noticed when talking to studio owners is that we're all so busy running classes and managing students, that we don’t even have TIME to run our business or even have a life.

In November, I decided to change that pattern- of working 14 hour days, 6 or more days a week- to take a break (and a breath for myself) and understand what I needed to do for myself to have a LIFE. Perhaps by stepping away, I would enrich my life and at the same time grow our business... or so I thought. As a single mom of a college-age daughter, I really needed to regain my social life. By now you must be wondering how this blog is going to help you grow your business. Well, in searching for life outside of work, I discovered this little website called MEETUP.com (NOT SO LITTLE anymore!) I knew about meetup for many years, and it was started (as so many highly funded, rapid growth technologies are) by a guy in his mid 20′s. 

Well, I went to a Meetup on a rainy November Sunday, where I met about 9 other singles from the ages 0f 28 – 70 and an idea was born– born for my studios. I thought, "Why NOT have DANCE MEETUPS, or YOGA MEETUPS, or what EVER type of STUDIO you are, offer MEETUPS at a fee, for all different age groups, all different Marital Status’s, etc?" For example, if you are a dance studio, you can have a SINGLE PARENT Dance Meetup. For a Yoga studio, how about Rainy Day Yoga? These can be any type of classes and can be planned in a week’s time or less, once you curate the type of group following. 

If you think this is an idea for you, let us know and we'll help you get started! All of the singles I met that rainy Sunday can't wait for this to start!

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